What is 4C

4C is a patented System Enhancing Eye logic that enables paintball markers to obtain unprecedented rates of fire. 4C technology is the smartest eye logic on the market that will improve the reliability, rate of fire consistency and the max rate of fire of your marker.

A limiting factor for most paintball guns max rate of fire and rate of fire consistency when capped is the time from when a ball falls into place into the breech and the time it takes the bolt to start moving. There is a lag time between the lightning fast micro controllers and the time it takes to energize the coil of the solenoid. There is another time lag between the time the solenoid is engaged and the time is takes to get the bolt to move from air pressure.  This lag time can be over 20mS. A marker firing at 20BPS has a cycle time of 50mS so 20mS of lag accounts for 40% of the cycle time.

Using multiple sensors around the breech can reduce wasted lag time. With a sensor near the top of the breech to tell us if there is another ball ready to be loaded and a sensor at the bottom of the breech that tells us if the ball is in final position and ready to be shot. With this information and measurement of the time it takes for balls to move down thru the breech into final position the solenoid can start to be energized early so that when the ball reaches finial position the bolt will begin to move immediately.

Here is a more detailed description of 4C system enhancing eyes. The time the bolt moves back past sensors toward final open position and allows ball to pass by will be recorded. The time the new ball crosses top sensor while loading will be recorded. The time difference between these measurements will be calculated and balls loading velocity is obtained. This velocity indicates if the hopper being used is force-fed or gravity feed. Force-feeding a ball will result in a high velocity and will give good estimates of time required for ball to move to bottom of breech. The solenoid can be pre-energized before ball reaches final position because of this information.

Assume it takes 15mS to get the bolt to start moving. Calculating 20mS for a ball to fall past upper sensor into final position at lower sensor. Then in this case the solenoid can be started 5mS after the upper sensor is triggered. 15mS later the ball will reach final position at the same time the bolt will start to move forward. This takes out all wasted time in the cycle.




2_eye_final  Traditional Eye System

4C_final  4C Eye System